Days after days, my colleague and friend kept sending me pictures from Creta, as he was visiting his homeland;

We decided to give it a try, already knowing it will be amazing, but of course, didn’t how what kind of amazing exactly – in my mind I had a lizard: fed, rested, frying its skin under the sun on an empty beach next to those amazing sea waters – and it just happened

Only a 2h flight from Prague and we landed in a scenarios worth Western movies – all we could see was the golden soil, yellow-brown hills, a not very blue sky and the Greek flag ( I am not sure it was put there to confuse you or we were really in Creta haha)

After renting a car in the airport ( really cheap – 15e/day), we headed to our Airbnb location (really really nice and welcoming people) and the wonders of Creta starting showing