Art is our weapon, and culture is our way of resistance.

Rather than capturing a beautiful image of a beautiful person, Aida manages to capture a mood, someone’s personality or an emotion in a way that only few artists manage to succeed.

Aida is an artist who uses her weapon in both ways. Her unusual way of observing every day scenarios and portraying them in her own way, often defies conventional rules. The style is unique and often personal beyond the superficial layers that we observe at first instance.

An image of a simple hand will pass, but in its passing will captivate your subconscious and draw you back to look at it again, and again. A story is formed and it is the story that captivates. A close-up of a wall in an old building will tell another story and the individual stories often become a form of visual poetry.

Having worked with Aida on many occasions with the same models and the same conditions, the results have often been as different as night and day. I nay have captured a beautiful person in a beautiful way, but Aida will have captured the mood, the emotion, the deeper sensation that some will associate with and others may not. The skill to be able to capture these underlying stories is one that I envy in her work.

– Kees Terberg –